Isle of Man Bank

Isle of Man Bank

Isle of Man Bank Limited was established in 1865 and was the first company to be registered on the Isle of Man. With 6 branches island wide and a mobile branch, we offer the most extensive branch network of any Bank on the Isle of Man. We offer a wide range of products and services including day-to-day banking, savings, mortgages, loans and home & car insurance. We also offer a Relationship Management service via our Premium Banking team, which is based in our Athol Street office in Douglas.

Isle of Man Bank Limited is licensed by the Financial Supervision Authority of the Isle of Man.



2 Athol Street
Isle of Man
IM99 1AN

Website Address:

Telephone: +44 (0) 1624 637000


Retail Banking

Money Transmission

Credit Cards:
This service is offered via introduction to NatWest.

Premium Banking service

Private Banking

Commercial Banking

We offer a wide range of funding products including, but not limited to, overdrafts, loans and leasing, cash management services, electronic banking and treasury solutions for surplus cash.

International Banking


  • Private
  • Corporate
  • Charities
  • Funds
  • Trusts etc

Treasury Services

  • Term Deposits
  • Currency Accounts
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Company Credit Cards

Investment Services

Trust & Corporate Services

Corporate Finance


  • Mortgages (local)
  • Mortgages (International)
  • Investment Property

Commercial Finance

  • Asset Finance
  • Yacht Finance
  • Aircraft Finance
  • Invoice Finance

Other Sectors

  • Trust & Corporate Services
  • Funds

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