Standard Bank Isle of Man Limited

Standard Bank Isle of Man Limited

Standard Bank Isle of Man Limited has been established in the Isle of Man since 1992 and is licensed by the Isle of Man Financial Supervision Authority.

Through group companies based in the Isle of Man, Jersey and Mauritius we provide a range of offshore services for the personal, professional and corporate client, including banking, fiduciary and corporate services, stockbroking, asset management and offshore fund management.

We are part of Standard Bank Group Limited, a company incorporated in South Africa and regulated by the South African Reserve Bank as a bank controlling company.

We have been awarded ‘Best Expatriate Bank’ three times in the last four years at the International Fund and Product awards.



Standard Bank Isle of Man Limited
Standard Bank House
One Circular Road
Isle of Man

Website Address:

Telephone: +44 (0) 1624 643643

Personal Banking +44(0)1624 643693

Corporate Banking +44(0)1624 643673

E-mail contacts

Personal Banking –

Corporate Banking –


Retail Banking

We offer a full range of current and savings accounts in all major currencies. Also available is our Visa Debit card which is available in Sterling, US dollar, Australian dollar and Euro. We offer comprehensive foreign exchange facilities. Loans and letters of guarantee will also be considered. Access to the account can be gained by visit to our offices, telephone, or via our secure internet banking services.

Private Banking

Our relationship managers, with the support of our team of specialists, offer a private banking service, that evolves with our clients changing financial requirements and aspirations.

Commercial Banking

Fully transactional, call and fixed term savings accounts are available in most major currencies accessible through our International online facility or via our corporate management team.

International Banking

We have specifically designed a flexible range of bank accounts to hold cash in many major currencies. Foreign exchange services are available and access can be gained using our debit cards that are issued in Sterling, US Dollars, Australian dollars and Euro or our secure internet banking service.



A full suite of competitive savings products are available ranging from call, notice and fixed term deposits in most major currencies. Interest rates are tiered by term and amount deposited. Limited issue structured deposits are launched regularly.


A range of call, notice and fixed deposit accounts are available to suit your cash flow requirements.


We provide a range of internationally invested funds for personal clients. They are managed by investment experts and are all administered offshore.

Trusts etc

A range of call, notice and fixed deposit accounts are available in most major currencies

Treasury Services

Term Deposits

Fixed term deposits are available, with tiered interest rates, in most major currencies.

In addition when market conditions are conducive we launch structured deposits. These products offer growth potential and interest returns, whilst ensuring that the capital deposit is designed to repay your original deposit in full at maturity.

Currency Accounts

Whilst the majority of our clients operate accounts designated in Sterling, US Dollars, Australian dollars and Euro we can also offer accounts in many other currencies.

Foreign Exchange

Our team can provide quotes and undertake foreign exchange transfers for our clients in most leading convertible currencies.

Investment Services

Trust & Corporate Services

Our Trust divisions in Isle of Man, Jersey and Mauritius specialise in the formation and management of offshore trusts, companies and other specialist asset holding structures, wherever incorporated.

Stockbroking and Asset Management

Through our group offices / divisions our global wealth management facilities allow clients to create either a discretionary or advisory portfolio, depending upon their preference. We also provide traditional dealing facilities if they wish to invest in stocks of their own choice.

Our services include:

  • Discretionary and advisory portfolio management
  • Investment advice on international equities, bonds and collective investment schemes
  • Execution only dealing facilities
  • Global custody and nominee services
  • Structured investment products


We will consider property finance (residential and commercial), in the IOM or UK and offer leveraging facilities against diverse investment portfolios, as well as cash backed guarantees. All our lending services are subject to status.

Investment Property

Lending to acquire investment property is available subject to approval.

Other Sectors


We will maintain Operational, Players Fund and Service Company accounts for e-gaming companies in most major currencies

Trust & Corporate Services

We offer the following services:

  • Creation of offshore and onshore trusts
  • Incorporation of offshore and onshore companies
  • Establishment of private trust company structures
  • Formation of tailor-made property holding groups
  • Bespoke structuring to protect business assets and family wealth
  • Ongoing administration and management of trusts, companies and other vehicles


We provide a range of internationally invested funds for personal and corporate clients. They are managed by Investment experts and are all administered offshore.

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